HSBA is a non-profit organization whose primary goal is to provide university students opportunities to participate in programs and activities that will enhance their academic, personal and professional abilities.

Throughout the year, we coordinate various community service events such as beach clean-ups, canned food drives, and outreach programs. HSBA takes part in social events with other organizations on and off campus, in the community and professional sectors. We also organize weekly professional workshops to develop the knowledge and basic tools for all future career objectives.

The Hispanic Students Business Association, HSBA, prides itself in fostering the academic, networking, social and professional aspects of college life. HSBA’s members join to get the best college experience possible while making some crucial contacts with important representatives of major corporations. Many members look for the advice given during the weekly meetings while developing their individual communication skills. Also, many members seek internships and even entry-level jobs to gain experience.

Mission Statement

It Is Our Goal:

  • To provide our membership with the opportunity to participate in programs and activities that will enhance their academic, personal and professional abilities.
  • To serve as a viable source of academic scholarships and corporate internships to all our members.
  • To coordinate professional workshops, facilitated by corporate representatives and alumni that will aid us in developing skills needed for success.
  • To coordinate events that will facilitate the interaction of HSBA members, officers, CSULB faculty/staff, corporate representatives, and alumni.
  • To allow our members to hold office as a Committee Chair. Thus, developing personal potential and abilities that employers seek in employees, giving our members a competitive edge.
  • To recruit non-business majors, and provide them with professional skills needed in all fields, not just Business.
  • To serve as a bridge, and connect our members with students and professionals of similar interests at other campuses and within Corporate America through the United Latino Students and the National Hispanic Employee Association.

HSBA offers all of this and much more through our weekly workshop meetings and other events. We host representatives from a variety of corporations in-different industries. By being involved in HSBA, we are able to better prepare CSULB students for real world experience. Advice is given on topics such as time management, speaking skills and proper business etiquette by professionals who have already gone through the learning process. Our members are able to gain knowledge and insight on various careers and find out first hand what it takes to be successful. By participating in HSBA, students are given an opportunity to realize their full potential, and see how involvement in our organization can help develop the skills they will need in a competitive workforce. Being responsible for the preparation, planning, and organization of HSBA events will help CSULB business students develop organizational, professional presentation and public speaking skills

As in any organization, the results are only as good as what is invested. HSBA is actively and consistently recruiting enthusiastic members who are looking to becoming involved in an organization. Being a non-profit, voluntary organization, we heavily rely on the efforts of our members to organize and direct events. Many times it is difficult to find people who are devoted to the betterment of HSBA. We also face challenges such as competition on campus and lack of corporate support and funding. We have, however, been fortunate to put together a great team. Consequently, we were honored in 2015-2016 as the “Organization of the Year” for the entire university, which we consider a great success