Become a Director

Develop your leadership skills as a HSBA Director! Find the position catered to the experience you need.

General responsibilities as a Director

Attend regularly scheduled officer meetings unless he/she presents the Executive Board an appropriate explanation for their absence 24 hrs in advance. (Done Through Email or Text to President, cc Secretary).

Meetings: MW: 12:30-1:45pm

Be available and willing to help other committees.

It is important to remember that communication is the key to a successful event.

Any expenses exceeding the estimated budget should be presented to the executive board.

If your committee will spend money, you are responsible to present the executive board with ideas that will generate money for your expenses.


ABSOC Representative

Represents HSBA when attending meetings to get full details on all other events taking place within the business organizations on campus. Time management, commitment, organizational skills can be developed from this position.

Alumni Relations

Provide alumni with a newsletter, invite alumni to our events, pitch ideas to keep our alumni connected to the organization, and keep personal contact with our graduates. The alumni paved the way for us and we want them to feel they will always be a part of HSBA. (This is a year long position)

Community Relations

Organizes and promotes community service and charity events. Seeks charity participants and schools/communities in need of assistance. Coordinates and raises funds for Para Los Niños. HSBA promotes philanthropy and provides a way to practice this.  

Corporate Relations

 Corporate directors will attain event planning skills, professional skills, and networking skills. This position also enables one to attain sponsorships for HSBA and work hard to bring the best professionals in the area to our prominent networking event, Corporate Connections. (This is a year long position)

Fundraising Director

Creating events in order to fundraise money for our scholarships. Qualities include; organizational, time management, negotiating, and creative skills. Experience in planning events with large budgets. This position is important for HSBA because most of the money fundraised goes to the end of the year scholarships.


Information Technology Director

The IT director focuses on making videos that promote/recap HSBA events and managing the Youtube account. Another key task would be working alongside the secretary to keep the website updated with events and information.

LSU Representative

Represents HSBA when Attending meetings to get full details on all other events taking place within the latino organizations on campus. Time management, commitment, organizational skills can be developed from this position.

Marketing Director

Organize the Week of Welcome tabling to recruit members, create flyers, and generally promote the organization. Help manage social media, create content to keep members engaged. Through your work, you will expose HSBA to the CSULB community.

Membership Director

A couple of qualities that the Membership Director position demands are; to be creative, organized, and outgoing. Through the events, Amigo Mixer and the Amigo Program, membership is able to develop HSBA familia culture.

Social Director

This position requires one to research venues, balance budgets, and collaborate with marketing to promote. As social director one has to be very outgoing, creative, and willing to branch their network.

ULSA Representative

Establishes a relationship with twelve other chapters. Attends all ULSA meetings, keeps track of events from many various schools keeps HSBA updated. Time management, organizational, communication skills, networking skills are developed in this position. (This is a year long position)

Application Deadline: Sunday, May 21, 2017

HSBA Director Application Fall 2017